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How To Animate a Still Photo in Adobe Photoshop & After Effects

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Animation Card Timeplapse: Grim Reaper

I created a timelapse of one of the animation cards I'm currently working on. I am working on a Game Trailer for an exciting new card game called Soulbound. Be on the lookout for it's official release! The footage was taken from my twitch livestream.

The whole process took several hours to complete. The artwork was already supplied to me, I was in charge of bringing it to life. I first separated the character elements in Photoshop, then I brought it into After Effects to be animated. The reason the aspect ratio might seem off is because the original graphic was designed for card usage. Some of these graphics may be subject to change in the final version of the project.

I will be releasing much more of this type of work in the future. If you enjoy this kind of content, please feel free to subscribe to my channel to get the latest updates on my releases. If you would like to know more about how this kind of content is made, feel free to follow me on twitch where I do most of my projects live! I can answer any questions you might have and if you don't can't me live, you can always view the VOD for more info. You can also follow my other social media channels for all other notifications and updates:


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For propositions or other inquiries, feel free to email or dm me anytime :)

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